Movement Research Community presents


may 30-june 5, 2020 in Toronto, ontario

Join us for a week of in-depth and insightful study of all things movement – accessible, evolving inquiry into human biomechanics, sustainability and dynamic movement. 

What you get from the MRI?

  • Explore options for healthy movement patterns
  • Refine and expand your movement vocabulary
  • Grow your community of curious movers
  • Stay abreast of the latest in movement science
  • Establish agency over your own practices
  • Collaborate, feel, play and grow

    ABOUT THE MRi live event 

    may 30 – june 5, 2020 in Toronto – Frey Faust (Founder of the Axis Syllabus), Francesca Pedulla, and other Guest Presenters.

    The Movement Research Intensive (MRI)  is an education program designed for all levels of movers and movement educators; dancers, yoga and pilates teachers, martial artists, fitness trainers, athletes, and anyone curious about dynamic movement.

    While learning how  to move well is ultimately a personal endeavour, learning together in a group setting with exceptional teachers enhances one’s personal experience, offering support throughout the process.

    The MRI Live Event is a 7-day exploration of movement in all its forms, from the ground up. From workshops to lectures and open discussions, you’ll be immersed in movement in its rawest form through to the finer technicalities of biomechanics and biotensegrity. The MRI Live Event will change the way you move through your world.

    What some people are saying about previous MRi live events

    Exciting, mind blowing, challenging, humbling, encouraging, game changer, intense, discombobulating, empowering, inspiring, eye opening, integrated.

    Is this for you?

    1. Are you a practitioner/teacher of dance, yoga, bodywork, martial arts, Feldenkrais, NIA, Body-Mind Centering, Alexander Technique, 5Rhythms or other related somatic modalities?
    2. If you are an educator, would you like to discover new ways to bring greater diversity and inclusivity into your classes?
    3. Does the idea of non-linear movement feel intimidating to you? Do you experience difficulty in getting down to and up from the ground, walking, running, jumping or dancing? Would you like to meet these challenges in a safe and supportive environment?
    4. Are you interested in exploring options for healthy, sustainable dynamic movement, learning how to move with greater ease and efficiency in a manner suited to your individual structure, nervous system and current ability?
    5. Would you like to learn more about anatomy, physiology, biotensegrity and biomechanics, as taught through a lens of evolving understanding?
    6. Would you like to experience the joy of moving together (partnered or in a group)?

    If you answered “yes” to one or more of these questions, then it’s likely that you’ll love this deep dive into the Axis Syllabus. Join us and see for yourself!


    • 10am-12pm Movement Workshop with Frey and Francesca
    • 12:30-1:30  Lunch
    • 1:30pm-4:30pm Movement Workshop with Frey and Francesca

    Pricing & Costs

    Early-bird price

    (before March 1st, 2020)

    Regular price $849CAD
    (after March 1st, 2020)

    *$300 holds your spot unitl March 15th, 2020

    Dates & Location

    MAY 30 – June 5, 2020

    Dovercourt House
    805 Dovercourt Road
    Toronto, Ontario M6H 2X4

    A preview of the MRi live event

    Click to play the preview videos and get a small sample of what the MRI Live Event is all about.

    MRC Instructors & Teachers

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    Frey Faust

    Lead Instructor and Biomechanics Expert

    Born in 1960, Frey Faust began performing at the age of 8 with his family as a traveling troubadour. He is a second generation contact improviser and an alumnus of the 80´s New York dance scene. Some of his more important early influences came from: Shekhinah Mountainwater, Nita Little, Pavel Rouba, Rene Bazinet, and Janet Panetta. He has worked with and for a number of artists (order of appearance): Ohad Naharin, Donald Byrd, David Parsons, Gina Buntz, Howard Katz, Merce Cunningham, Meredith Monk, Randy Warshaw, Bob Een, Stephen Petronio, Danny Ezralow… to name a few.

    He founded or co-founded three dance companies, and has created or co-created over 40 choreographic solo and group works. Following an independent study of anatomy, biomechanics, and physics, he has been able to build a pedagogical approach that has made him a sought after teacher, personal coach and technical counselor. After fifteen years of research, he consolidated his findings in a book, ‘The Axis Syllabus – human movement lexicon’, which he continues to edit with the help of the Axis Syllabus International Research Network. Founded in 2009, the ASIRN is a rapidly expanding group of experts from many related fields in the human movement and education sciences. Recently, his work on the AS has been focused on the construction of a symbol set with the potential to streamline movement documentation and analysis. He also makes shoes, speaks 4 languages, continues to create and perform dances.

    Francesca Pedullà

    Dance-Maker, independent curator and Axis Syllabus teacher

    Francesca Pedullà, dance-maker, independent curator and Axis Syllabus teacher began studying West African dance and culture in 1990, and received her Masters degree in the History of Theatre and Performing Arts in 1996. Since 1998 she has spent several months out of the year living in Benin – West Africa, whose rich culture has been a profound personal and artistic inspiration. In 1999 she graduated as a professor of African Dance Expression at the Centre Artistique 6-éme Parallel – FEIDA Bordeaux, directed by Koffi Koko.

    In 2001 she graduated with the degree in Theatrical Mime at the Teatro Carlo Felice in Genoa, where she studied with influential teachers such as Giovanni Di Cicco and Enrico Bonavera. In 2009 she received the certificate to teach the Axis Syllabus, an information resource system correlating bio-mechanical research with practice, which has become a fundamental aspect of her pedagogical method. After participating both as interpreter and co-creator in various creative projects led or organized by: Collettivo Cind, Paola Fatima e Stefania Casetta, Koffi Koko, Giovanni Di Cicco, Frey Faust, among others, her artistic pathway began to define itself around the perception and investigation of individual and collective identity dynamics resulting from cultural encounters. Her latest choreographies were presented at Institute Français de Cotonou, FITHEB (Benin), Teatro della Tosse (Genoa), Teatro dell’Archivolto (Genoa), Teatro Akropolis (Genoa) Hangart Fest (Pesaro), TroisC L (Luxembourg), Centre Culturel Cité Culture (Brussels), Festival Biennale Passage 012 (Bielefeld), Tanzfabrik Berlin, Haus der Berliner Festspiele (Berlin)

    Erin Godfrey

    Erin Godfrey is a movement and body wellness educator.  She began her career as a ballet dancer, studying with the National Ballet School of Canada, followed by studies in Anatomy and Kinesiology at George Brown College. Additional studies include Meditation, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Developmental Movement, Pilates, Personal Training, Wellness coaching, Anatomy Trains, Contact Improvisation and Axis Syllabus. Erin has owned several studios in Toronto and has been teaching movement and healthful living practices for over 20 years. An international teacher, she has been faculty on a number of teacher training programs. She coaches a wide range of clients from those working with chronic injuries to athletic performance. Erin continues her research and investigation as a movement practitioner, dancer, educator and new mother.

    Exploring how simple movements can be when we look at how the body is structured and how force moves through gave me an embodied ease that I had not experienced. Suddenly dancing at a wedding and walking had a whole new ease and enjoyment.


    MRI 2018 Participant

    May 30 – June 5, 2020 in Toronto, ONTARIO

    4th Annual MRI Live event 

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